Lost Rainbow

Starring Britte Lagcher and Senna. 


Carmen for Huawei

Water is the source of all life. Without it there is only sorrow. A unique portrait shot with #huaweiP9.

Starring Carmen.


Voorgoed / Forever

Central to the works of Anne Barlinckhoff is the idea of the ‘Fremdkörper’. Objects, people and animals are deliberately placed out of context, and thus urge the viewer to recalibrate the visual and cultural assumptions we live by. The notion of the ‘Fremdkörper’ (or the foreign body) became even more poignant during her 2016 works. Dealing with recent experiences of loss, and confronting a youth spent in orphanages, her works became gripping in an entire new way. It takes courage to look at oneself without self pity in these circumstances, and Anne Barlinckhoff pulls it off. It is her open and free gaze that makes her works special. For it looks fierce and fearless at anything we humans do. —Maarten de Reus (Audio Visual Department, Gerrit Rietveld Academy)


Look Into My Eyes

Starring Michelle Allen.